Since this is the first blog post about the Houston County Archives, I thought I would relate how we got started. One of our Houston County residence was doing research on her ancestor at the Houston County Library. She found a record on microfilm that she wanted to see the original record in the original book.  She was directed by our County Librarian to go to the courthouse where the records vault was located and she could find the record there.  When she got to the vault and opened the door, she couldn't even walk into the room.  She immediately knew something had to be done.  A call went out to several people in the community that had an interest in genealogy and local history to get together to clean out and organize the records vault.  Permission was obtained from our County Mayor and the work began.  On August 27, 2010 the first work day started, there were 6 of us there ready to work.  By lunch time we all had come to the conclusion that Houston County definately needed an archives.  The 6 of us established an Archives Committee and we set out to establish our very own archives.  On November 15, 2010 the Houston County Legislative Body voted unanimously to officially establish the Houston County Archives.  Since that time we have been inventorying the counties records in the vault and have started the process of cleaning, unfolding, filing and cataloging the loose records.  We are all very proud of our archives and what we know it will be.