We have completed 2 additional manuscript collections. They are:

 The Marie Stockard Estate Collection

This collection contains many old letters, old greeting cards and home demonstration programs just to name a few things. The date range for this collection is from about 1898-1970

 The Hill Orchard Cemetery Association, Inc. Collection

This collection was donated by the association itself to the archives. This collection contains headstone transcriptions, association meeting minutes and lists of members of the association.

 On Friday I got a call from Bettye McKinnon. She asked me if I would be interested in having the original plot map from the Oak Hill Cemetery (used to be called Erin Cemetery) located on the hill above the old jail. Of course I said yes! When she and Bob brought me the map and rolled it out, I was amazed. The material used for the map was not paper but some sort of fabric. This is very old, possibly 1800’s or early 1900’s. It is in very bad shape and starting to come apart. It will need conservation but it is a treasure for the archives. The plot map has each burial plot drawn out and the name of who owned/owns the plot written inside the box. I asked Bettye if there are any surviving cemetery records that the cemetery association would like to donate to the archives and she informed me that what records they had were destroyed by Mary Evelyn Dickson, so sad. At least we have this map. If anyone would like to come by and see it, I will be in the archives this week on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

 I still have not gained access to the old jail basement to see what we have to work with but I am sure I will get in there soon. I will need to measure for shelving and get my proposal ready for the budget meetings that will start soon with the commissioners. Cross your fingers that they agree to pay for the shelving. We can’t store records without shelving and our archives budget cannot support such an expense.