Houston County Archives

April 24, 2013

Two new collections have been completed in the Houston County Archives.  The first, is the
Alex Daugherty Collection which was part of the larger Houston County Historical Society Collection that was donated to the archives. This collection contains correspondence between Alex Daugherty and various Washington D.C. Senators and Congressman trying to get his son into the Naval Academy. Also, correspondence concerning Alex' insurance business. Alex was actually a Cumberland City native and was president of the Cumberland City Bank. This is an interesting collection of papers.

The second collection is the Peoples Telephone Company Telephone Directory Collection.  Please check out the find aid on this collection

April 11, 2013

Two more collections have been added to our collections:  the Marie Stockard Estate Collection and the Hill Orchard Cemetery Association, Inc. Collection. 

The Marie Stockard Estate Collection contains correspondence, photos, home demonstration programs and poetry belonging to Marie Stockard at the time of her death.  One artificat in the collection is a lock of hair!  The collection was donated to the Houston County Historical Society by Howard Spurgeon in 2007. 

The Hill Orchard Cemetery Association, Inc. Collection was donated to the Houston County Public Library in 2001 by Jim Wyatt and on August 16, 2011 the Library donated the collection to the Houston County Archives.  This Collection contains lists of burials, membership mailings lists, association meeting attendance lists, financial donor's lists, along with association meeting minutes, financial records, legal documents and deeds.  The collection spans the years from 1958 to 1996.  There have been no other records produced since 1996.

April 5, 2013

We have completed one manuscript collection, the Special Veteran's Poll Tax Receipts.  This collection contains the Special Veterans Poll Tax Receipts of veterans of World War II.  Some of the receipts are filled out by the veterans themselves but most are typed.  Each receipt has the signature of the veteran and is notarized.  The information included on these receipts includes:  name,, age, address, date of entry into service, branch of the armed forces, date of discharge, serial number, and the book and page number of where the discharge is recorded in the register's office.  This is the index to the collection.

Special Veterans Poll Tax Receipts.pdf Special Veterans Poll Tax Receipts.pdf
Size : 302.201 Kb
Type : pdf
Peoples Telephone Directory Collection.pdf Peoples Telephone Directory Collection.pdf
Size : 86.461 Kb
Type : pdf